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When considering maid service or house cleaning, several factors play a role in determining the cost. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Property Size: The size of your house or condo directly impacts the cleaning effort required. Larger spaces generally entail more work compared to smaller ones.
  • Number of Rooms and Bathrooms: The quantity of rooms and bathrooms provides insight into the usage and occupancy of your home. For instance, a large house with two bedrooms may require less attention than a smaller one with four bedrooms.
  • Accessibility: Areas that are harder to reach, such as high ceilings, windows, or shelving, may incur additional charges due to the use of ladders or extra effort required.
  • Travel Distance: Our cleaning services cover North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Vancouver, and Burnaby. If your residence falls outside these areas, an additional fee for extended travel time may apply.

When choosing Bobbidi Boo Cleaning, we tailor our services to meet your specific cleaning needs to provide an accurate quote.

Trust Bobbidi Boo Cleaning to deliver exceptional service tailored to your home’s needs.

There are factors to take into consideration when it comes to maid Service / house cleaning.

 ⁃ The size of your house or condo

 ⁃ The number of rooms and bathrooms to be cleaned, it gives an idea of the occupancy and usage of your home, for example a large house with two bedrooms will not require as much work as a small house with four bedrooms.

 ⁃ Accessibility to rooms, if parts of your home that are more difficult to access, such as very high ceiling, windows or shelving, your home maid may have an extra charge associated with anything that involves that use of ladder or difficult to access places

 ⁃ Travel time to your home, our cleaning area is North Vancouver, west Vancouver, Vancouver and Burnaby. If you are interested in our services and live outside this area there will be a fee for extra travel time.